Jewish Architects – Jewish Architecture?

Jewish Architects – Jewish Architecture? “Jewish Architects – Jewish Architecture?” implies several claims that need to be discussed critically and – case-by-case – be confirmed or refuted. On the one hand: Was there or is there such a thing as “Jewish architects”? In what way would they differ from non-Jewish architects? Does being Jewish have anything to do with the profession of “architect”? Whoever would make the attributions and what was or would be the consequence for those who were or are named Jewish architects? How did both male and female architects see themselves then or now? And on the other hand: Is there such a thing as “Jewish architecture”? Does being Jewish have anything to do with the architects and their projects? Does it make a difference, if a Jew or a non-Jew designs Jewish architecture? What type of architecture and for whom? This volume is a collection of essays by scholars from the fields of Jewish History, Architectural History and Theory, Art History, Jewish Studies and Contemporary History, with a first-time international perspective on these subjects.




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